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#14 Ch5, 5*, 5 USA, ITV1 Regionals, Ch 4 HD & Ch 4/7 No longer being received in the Granada/Jaen Region

On Tuesday 4th December 2012 the following frequencies and channels moved from Astra 1N to Astra 2F:

Frequency 10.964, H,  SR22.00, FEC 5/6 – Ch 5 & +1, 5*, 5USA.

Frequency 10.994,  H, SR22.00, FEC 5/6 – ITV 1 Granada HD, Central South West SD, Anglia West SD, Meridian North SD, Yorkshire East & +1 SD.

Frequency 10.052, H, SR22.00, FEC 5/6 – ITV1 Central South SD, Central East SD, Wales & +1 SD, Westcountry SD, Tyne Tees & +1 SD.

Frequency 11.126, V, SR22.00, FEC 5/6 – Ch 4 HD & Ch Four7 SD

The result of this move is that down here in Southern Spain we have lost reception of these channels.  Speculation is that with a larger dish ie. 2.5 – 3m these channels may be received but we have yet to hear of anyone who has actually received these channels on such size dishes.   The reason for the loss is that the new Astra 2F UK footprint is much tighter than when these channels were on Astra 1N and therefore there is less signal overspill for us to capture.

The rest of the BBC & Freesat channels are due to move across to the new Astra 2E satellite once it has been launched in Q2 of 2013.  For more information visit the BBC Blog site.

Alternatively for a broader update on what is happening with the satellites please visit Robs Satellite TV for more indepth information.



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