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#15 IPTV Services & VPNs

With the loss of the main UK TV channels here in southern Spain in February 2014 many customers will be looking for other ways of accessing their favourite programmes and this will involve viewing them via the internet.

One free option is via www.filmon.com (also available via Astra2.tv who is a Filmon affiliate).  Alternatively for a monthly fee, it is possible to view catch-up services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, TV Catch-up etc on a laptop/PC/tablet etc using VPN or Smart DNS software, eg. www.vpnintouch.com, UnoTelly.com or www.cactusvpn.com to name but two.  Also available are pre-configured VPN Routers which cost around 70 euros and then £10/month VPN subscription.  See below for more VPN Router information.

For those who do not wish to go down this route then a subscription IPTV service could be the option.  It should be noted that for IPTV services to work properly it is recommended that customers have a minimum stable internet download speed of 2Mbs, preferably 3Mbs or more.  Here are a couple of such IPTV providers you may wish to check out:

1.   dT Media TV – provided by Direct-Telecom phone & broadband.  If you are a ADSL (broadband) customer with Direct-Telecom then as part of your ADSL package you automatic ally receive free live streamed UK TV.  For those who receive their ADSL via another provider you are still able to access this service for a monthly fee.  For more information please click on the links to take you to their websites for more information or alternatively give us a call as we are an official Agent/Distributor for Direct Telecom’s products & services in the Granada area.   The TV service can be cancelled and re-activated by e-mail with the provider.

If you would like to discuss the above in more detail please feel free to contact us (not only are we an agent for Direct Telecom but also customers ourselves and can give honest accounts of their service and demonstrate the DT Media TV service).

2.  NTV.  Internet Pay TV service available on MAG250, XBMC or Web.  Prices start from 14.49 euros/month.  Click on NTV to review their packages and if interested register and sign up for a free trial.  Contact us if you would like more information – also see News, Hints & Tips item No. 21

3. Astra2.tv.   IPTV service with no contracts and a competitive monthly subscription which can be cancelled and re-activated without any penalty fees.  Astra 2.tv monthly subscription includes 7 day catch-up TV so you never need to miss a programme and it has free apps for your Laptop, Mac, or iPad so you can watch TV anywhere.  A dedicated IPTV set top box is also available to connect to your TV to view your favourite programmes.

Astra2.tv are currently offering a 2 week FREE trial to those who may be interested in this service.

As registered re-sellers of this service we are happy to answer any of your questions and help you sign up for a 2 week free trial of Astra2.tv to help you decide if this is the service for you.  If you do decide to take this service then we are able to provide the IPTV set top box for a competitive price which includes the first months TV subscription.  

For more information on Astra2.tv services click on the link above and visit their website.


VPN Router.  Connecting a VPN Router to your broadband router will give you access to such services as BBC iPlayer, Love Film, Netflix, NOW TV etc as if you were back in the UK as it provides a UK IP address rather than your usual Spanish one.  This means that if you have a PS3, XBox, Roku/NOW TV box or other equipment that would normally receive the UK geo-locked catch-up/ondemand services, these will work when connected to a VPN Router.  The biggest advantage would be to existing Sky subscribers who would be able to make use of Skys On Demand service to view programmes from the BBC, ITV etc which are no longer being received via the satellite dish.  One advantage of the On Demand service is that when programmes are downloaded to the partitioned hard drive on your Sky+ HD box they miss out the adverts!!

N.B. For Skys free On Demand Service you need to have a new Sky+HD box (DRX 890 or 2Tb box) and an active monthly subscription (you do not need to have Skys HD subscription even if you have a Sky+ HD box).

We are able to supply customers with  pre-configured VPN Routers – contact us for more details and price.


Hybrid Satellite/IPTV Box.

MediaStreamz for your satellite/IPTV solutions

MediaStreamz for your satellite/IPTV solutions

MediaOne costs €249.95 and is a flexible set-top box which combines satellite with IPTV (supporting HD & 3D broadcasts).  Hundreds of IPTV channels, full support for Sky, the latest movies on demand available for free and so much more.  You can also attach an external hard drive to the box and record all your favourite satellite channels or download films/TV series direct from the internet.   For €25/month (or less if you take a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription) you can get a selection of Sky channels with no contract or commitment.   The box comes with a 14 day money back guarantee.

If you like the sound of the MediaOne set-top box then click on the MediaStreamz link above for more information, or if you’d like a demonstration of the MediaOne box contact us to make an appointment.

We are happy to chat with you about any of the above options and answer any questions you may have.  We can also advise how we can help you set up any equipment you may wish to purchase.

N.B.  MediaOne is able to take BISS codes so with another 85cm dish installed and aligned to Intelsat you can get all your BBCs, ITV1, Ch 4,  & Radio back off satellite.  We link the new dish up with your existing Sky dish and you get all the Sky content along with the BBCs off satellite (BBC, ITV 1 & Ch 4 in HD).  This system is called MediaOne Ultra – see website for prices & more details or give us a call to arrange a demo.

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