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#17 New BBC HD Channels Launched 10/12/13

On 10th December 2013 the BBC launched its five new HD channels. These were due to be released early 2014 but the BBC decided to bring these forward for Christmas viewing. The channels in question are:

BBC News HD, BBC Four HD, BBC Three HD, CBBC HD and CBeebies HD.

Three of these channels are being delivered from satellite Astra 2F, and available on both Sky and Freesat platforms. Unfortunately, due to 2F’s signal being weak in southern parts of Spain and Portugal, we will be unable to receive these channels. However, CBBC HD & BBC 3 HD are currently on Astra 1N, which is receivable in most of western Europe. In the new year, all BBC services are likely to move to a UK-only beam similar to Astra 2F’s UK spot beam, therefore if you are unable to receive BBC Four HD and CBeebies HD, and have a Sky or Freesat HD satellite receiver, you are likely to lose all BBC services in 2014.

See the official launch statement from the BBC

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