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Telly Addicts is a husband & wife team who have been installing digital satellite TV since 2006.  We aim to give our customers and prospective customers, honest, no nonsense information and the best price possible for their system requirement.  Not everyones TV viewing requirements are the same, therefore we discuss with the customer in detail what best fits their viewing needs and tailor installations to suit the customer.  We aim to offer the best solution for the most competitive price.

We are also happy to help customers over the phone with any satellite, terrestrial or IPTV queries or problems they may have and our work also includes dish realignment, upgrade work and system maintenance.

Loss of Main UK Channels in Andalucia from February 2014

In the early hours of 6th February 2014 (4.30am ) the BBC channels migrated to the new Astra 2E satellite and are no longer being received down here in the southern part of Spain.  This is due to these channels moving to the new UK footprint on the new Astra 2E satellite.  ITV & Ch4 followed shortly after.  Channel 5, USA, 5*, Ch4 HD, 4/7 and a few regional ITV channels moved to the new Astra 2F satellite in December 2012 and these had already disappeared.  This footprint has less signal overspill compared to the old satellite and, as a result, those of us living in the southern part of Spain (from Granada downwards more or less) are no longer able to receive the UK signal for these channels (you would need a 4.5m size dish!  If you live in the Jaen region we know of a few people who are picking up the missing channels on a 1.8/2m dish, but this cannot be guaranteed and the cost of these size dishes are expensive and need to be installed on extremely strong/stable structures.  Floor mounting is advised).  There are still a few free UK TV channels such as Challenge, Pick TV, Food Channel, Sky News, CNN etc which have moved to the Pan European beam on the new satellites and these channels are still being received, along with Sky subscription channels (N.B. even if you have a Sky subscription you will still lose BBC, ITV etc as these are received as Sky freesat channels on Sky boxes and sit on the same transmission frequencies as Freesat.

There is an alternative option to receive the lost channels via the internet using either IPTV services or Smart DNS/VPNs.   Visit Mediastreamz for more information on their PAYG IPTV service.

If you would like more information on these options please give us a call for more information & to book a demonstration.

Products Installed for Satellite TV

For the missing UK channels -BBC, ITV, Ch4, Ch5, Film 4+1 we are able to install an 80cm dish for Intelsat (or realign your old Sky dish – subject to obtaining the correct orientation without obstruction) and with the appropriate satellite box you are able to get these channels back via satellite (subject to BISS codes being accessed and remaining accessible).  This is ideal if you have no or poor internet service which means IPTV is not an option.

For those customers who have Sky contract channels these can still be received with an active Sky card for channels broadcast on the Pan European beam from Astra 2.  If you don’t have a Sky contract and would like to view the Sky pay channels contact Mediastreamz.com who have competitively priced options to receive these channels via IPTV.

Alternatively if you would like to obtain your Sky channels via an official Sky box and subscription this can be done back in the UK via Satbuyer.co.uk 

For European Free to Air we install a smaller dish (60 – 80cm) as the signal is much stronger from these satellites and therefore a smaller dish is sufficient.

We also fit 1.1m dishes for Dutch/Belgium TV which is available via the Astra3 Satellite.  We advise customers to bring the satellite box & subscription card with them from Holland/Belgium and we will connect it up to the new 1.1m dish to receive the channels.

For French TNT Sat we can install a 60cm satellite dish and recommend customers bring a TNT Sat box and subscription card (one off payment which gives 5 year channels access) with them from France and we will connect this up to the dish to receive the channels.

We carry a range of single, twin & quad LNBs to ensure you receive the best possible reception for your area.

We can advise on what satellite receiver best suits a customers needs.

If you’d like to order your own satellite receiver, we can recommend Satbuyer for excellent prices & customer service – they’ll post to your UK address or here in Spain.  If you order from them tell them you were referred by Telly Addicts. 

Spanish Digital Terrestrial TV (TDT)

Since April 2010 Spain’s terrestrial TV has been digital and to keep up with these changes we also install digital terrestrial aerials (and TDT decoder boxes should you not have one of the newer TVs with integrated digital tuner)  for those customers who also wish to view  the Spanish terrestrial channels – of which there are now many to choose from including HD.  One of the advantages of Spanish TDT is that if a channel (e.g. Disney), is transmitting in both Spanish and English then you are able to set your integrated TV/TDT box to watch the programme in your language of choice, i.e. English.  To help improve your Spanish you could turn on the sub-titles, which will be in Spanish but listen in English!  (Providing the broadcaster is transmitting in both languages and providing sub-titles).

Please note that from 1st September BBC iPlayer is changing it’s access.  Please see our News, Hints & Tips page regarding this important update.

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